Established in 2015, KATIM is inspired by the age-old tradition of bespoke shoemaking.
KATIM footwear combines Japanese craftsmanship with orthopedic innovation,
to create classic yet contemporary shoes made from high quality materials.
Made in Japan,KATIM shoes are resilient and provide support for the feet while delivering a quality
synonymous with custom-made shoes. Marrying high fashion with or thopaedic knowhow,
KATIM shoes are designed for both men and women with busy global lifestyles
and guarantees comfort, quality and style.

Painstakingly hand-craf ted by an in-house modelist,
each KATIM shoe last has been developed by taking into account the varying
needs of an individual foot throughout a single day. Incorporating the anatomy of the human foot and tireless
orthopedic research, KATIM dedicates itself to creating stylish shoes
that minimise strain on the feet , whether the wearer is standing or walking.
Despite its elegant simplicity, every design and structural detail -no matter how minute- of a single
KATIM shoe has been carefully selected for the benefit the wearer.
The technique KATIM uses to create the Semi Handsewn Welt,
for example, has been patented in Japan and has an international patent pending.

Founder and Creative Director, KATIM
After a decade working for a slew of prominent international fashion brands in her native Tokyo,
KATIM Founder and Creative Director Eiko Kosaka decided to focus on footwear.
Eiko studied at a shoe-making school in Japan
where she concentrated on the science and art of orthopedic shoemaking.
After graduating with a qualification applicable to only a handful of artisans
who specialise in or thopedic shoemaking,
Eiko launched KATIM in 2015, inspired by the intricate and considered design
details of vintage and antique designers shoes,
elements that are unachievable in mass shoe manufacturing today.

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